Anti-Bullying Seminars

Anti-Bullying Seminars

Our anti-bullying seminar program is designed to teach children and young adults to be confident, aware, and protected in potentially dangerous situations. This program will not only help it’s participants be more aware and protected, but it will also help their self confidence, which often times can be the single most important thing in

keeping them from being or bullied. Our goal is to keep each and every individual as safe as possible by teaching them the proper ways to handle bullying before and after it happens.

Areas Covered by Butch Hiles

Verbal Self Defense

Setting boundaries before bullying begins

Asserting Confidence

Effective Self Defense and when to use it

Getting Help

More About Your Instructor

Butch Hiles is the most requested instructor of self-defense and anti-bullying in the area. He has worked with hundreds of non-profit organizations, corporations, schools, work-places, churches, and small groups throughout the region.

This is one of the most important topics in our society today and often times it is not addressed until it is too late. With our help, you can stop bullying before it begins!

Butch Hiles can tailor the seminar to meet your needs and make sure that you and your organization have every expectation met. So, dont miss your chance to do the right thing for you and your coworkers.

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