I got station with the military in Charleston in 2010 I started looking for a gym here and quickly was pointed in Butch's direction by multiple military people already assigned here. I have been to gyms across the country and I can tell you that you will not find better and more honest people than Butch and his staff. They truly care about helping people. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to train in BJJ or just looking to get in better shape and some fun doing so.

Jared Thames

I began training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu while in college in June 2017 because I wanted to learn a new skill and try something that seemed unique. I never had an athletic background before starting and the instructors, including Butch himself, have been nothing but kind, patient, and informative since day one. I went from training there one day a week to now five days a week, not only because I enjoy the challenge and workout of BJJ, but also because the environment is always positive and coming to class will easily turn your day around for the better.

Ethan Jones

I started training here In Muay Thai back in my Junior year of high school in 2017 and honestly it’s the best gym ever. I’ve been here for a little over a year and I now do BJJ, needless to say Butch is a awesome instructor, Benji is a awesome instructor and so is the rest of the guys who are here! It’s not just a gym to me but also it’s like my second home and they treat me like family and I look up to Benji and Butch because they are great mentors as well.

Dylan Koockogey

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