Train with one of the UFCs best light heavyweights in the history of the sport. Anthony Johnson’s brutal knock out power is legendary and the list of opponents he has fought, and beaten, is amazing.

Don’t miss the opportunity to train along side him at Butch Hiles BJJ & MMA in Charleston, WV.

The MMA seminar will only be $75 and is open to all people and gyms. Everyone who takes part in the seminar will also have the opportunity for a meet and greet afterwards.

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Anthony “Rumble Johnson is an American retired mixed martial artist who competed most previously in the light heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He was well known for his brutal knockout power and intimidating presence inside the octagon. Before retiring, he was the No.1 ranked light heavyweight contender in official UFC rankings, and was ranked #2 in the world by Sherdog and ESPN. He also had the most ‘sub-minute’ KO wins in UFC History with 5. He appeared in the 2011 film Warrior as a fighter named Orlando “Midnight”.

Championships and achievements

Amateur wrestling

National Junior College Athletic Association

Junior College National Champion 174 lb – out of Lassen Community College (2004)[3]

Mixed martial arts

Ultimate Fighting ChampionshipFight of the Night (One time) vs. Josh Koscheck

Knockout of the Night (Two times) vs. Kevin Burns and Charlie Brenneman

Performance of the Night (Five times) vs. Ant

´nio Rogério Nogueira, Alexander

Gustafsson, Jimi Manuwa, Ryan Bader and Glover Teixeira

Mixed martial arts wins

Win 22–5 Glover Teixeira KO (punch) UFC 202 August 20, 2016 1 0:13 Las Vegas,

Nevada, United States Performance of the Night.

Win 21–5 Ryan Bader KO (punches) UFC on Fox: Johnson vs. Bader January 30,

2016 1 1:26 Newark, New Jersey, United States Performance of the Night.

Win 20–5 Jimi Manuwa KO (punches) UFC 191 September 5, 2015 2 0:28 Las Vegas,

Nevada, United States Performance of the Night.

Win 19–4 Alexander Gustafsson TKO (punches) UFC on Fox: Gustafsson vs. Johnson January 24, 2015 1 2:15 Stockholm, Sweden Performance of the Night.

Win 18–4 Antônio Rogério Nogueira KO (punches) UFC on Fox: Lawler vs. Brown July 26, 2014 1 0:44 San Jose, California, United States Performance of the Night.

Win 17–4 Phil Davis Decision (unanimous) UFC 172 April 26, 2014 3 5:00 Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Win 16–4 Mike Kyle KO (punch) WSOF 8 January 18, 2014 1 2:03 Hollywood, Florida, United States Return to Light Heavyweight.

Win 15–4 Andrei Arlovski Decision (unanimous) WSOF 2 March 23, 2013 3 5:00 Atlantic City, New Jersey United States Heavyweight debut.

Win 14–4 D.J. Linderman KO (punch) WSOF 1 November 3, 2012 1 3:58 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Win 13–4 Jake Rosholt TKO (head kick) Xtreme Fight Night 9 September 21, 2012 2 4:22 Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

Win 12–4 Esteves Jones TKO (punches) Titan Fighting Championships 24 August 24, 2012 2 0:51 Kansas City, Kansas, United States Light Heavyweight debut.

Win 11–4 David Branch Decision (unanimous) Titan Fighting Championships 22 May 25, 2012 3 5:00 Kansas City, Kansas, United States Catchweight (195 lbs) bout; both fighters missed weight.

Win 10–3 Charlie Brenneman KO (head kick) UFC Live: Cruz vs. Johnson October 1, 2011 1 2:49 Washington, D.C., United States Knockout of the Night.

Win 9–3 Dan Hardy Decision (unanimous) UFC Fight Night: Nogueira vs. Davis March 26, 2011 3 5:00 Seattle, Washington, United States

Win 8–2 Yoshiyuki Yoshida TKO (punches) UFC 104 October 24, 2009 1 0:41 Los Angeles, California, United States Catchweight (176 lbs) bout; Johnson missed weight.

Win 7–2 Luigi Fioravanti TKO (punches) UFC Fight Night: Lauzon vs. Stephens February 7, 2009 1 4:39 Tampa, Florida, United States

Win 6–2 Kevin Burns KO (head kick) The Ultimate Fighter: Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir Finale December 13, 2008 3 0:28 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States Knockout of the Night.

Win 4–0 Chad Reiner KO (punches) UFC Fight Night: Stout vs. Fisher June 12, 2007 1 0:13 Hollywood, Florida, United States

Win 3–0 Keith Wilson Decision (majority) Rocky Mountain Nationals: Demolition September 16, 2006 2 5:00 Denver, Colorado, United States Won the RMN Welterweight Tournament.

Win 2–0 Rich Moskowitz Decision (unanimous) Rocky Mountain Nationals: Demolition September 16, 2006 2 5:00 Denver, Colorado, United States

Win 1–0 Jonathan Romero TKO (punches) PF 2: Live MMA August 16, 2006 1 1:09 Hollywood, California, United States

David Avellan Kimura Trap Seminar

Date: 6/17/17

Time: 1p-4p

Cost: $75 (if you pre-register)

Special: For anyone who competes in the ADCC on 6/10 you will receive $20 off this price (just $55)!

A Message from David Avellan –

We all know what happens when you pass down knowledge through many middlemen. Although they may mean well, they might not pass down all the intricate details that make the technique perfect. Although you can order my DVD set (which I encourage that you do), you can’t ask my DVD’s questions, nor can they give you feedback on your technique.

That is what seminars are for.

Seminars are a great way of getting a concentrated blast of technique from top level talent. I know I have learned techniques from seminars that I have went on to win many matches with

. Even learning just one technique or concept makes a seminar worth it’s weight in gold. How do you put a price on a technique that won you a world championship? They are an excellent way of boosting your technique and skill level.

Every seminar that I teach is planned well in advance, as I develop a written lesson plan to make sure all the content is focused and presented in proper order. My seminars run about 3 hours long per day, and it takes 2 days to cover the complete Kimura Trap System. I have had the pleasure of teaching seminars across the world and I continue to conduct seminars as time permits.

My Kimura Trap System Seminars are beginner friendly. I have taught white belts, children, and mean and women of all ages the Kimura Trap System with no problems. It also does not require flexibility or a specific body type to work well. Advanced students will also learn a lot as well. I have had ADCC World Championship medalists and BJJ Black Belts that have learned game changing techniques from my seminars.

Along with a great seminar, you will be getting a beautiful diploma recognizing your completion of the seminar, signed by the instructors. You can also take a photo with the instructors. Usually, the instructors will be available for private lessons and will also have shirts, DVDs, books, and other materials for sale that you can purchase if you choose to.

I have had the great honor of competing all over the world and have battled the greatest champions in grappling. I hold victories over Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts Rafael Lovato Jr., Tarsis Humphries, Amaury Bitteti, Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu, Rener Gracie, and Alexandre “Xande” Ribeiro. I have been featured in Grappling Magazine multiple times and have been featured in the local news as well.

I am currently looking forward to continuing my competition career and achieving one of my dreams – to become the ADCC Submission World Champion and Absolute Champion. I also wish to continue to spread my techniques and philosophy through seminars, books, DVDs, and through the internet.


2000 KWA Sport Combat III Heavyweight Champion

2000 FFC Heavyweight Champion

2001 Rival Classic Heavyweight Champion

2001 Rival Classic II Heavyweight Champion

2002 FGA Submission Grappling Open II Heavyweight Champion

2002 Planet Submission 16-man Absolute Champion

2002 NAGA New England 10-man Superfight Champion

2003 NAGA World Light-Heavyweight Champion

2003 GQ Team USA Member – Cruiserweight

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